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You have dissected the argument and are now presenting your objective findings. Consider the following sentences:. I believe this argument is flawed because it is overly dependent on spurious assumptions that lack evidence. This argument is overly dependent on unsupported assumptions and is therefore flawed.

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This is not an absolute list, and these words are not totally off-limits. But be sure to use purposeful words and avoid unnecessary qualification. Using active verbs and avoiding qualifiers automatically makes your writing concise. Say what you mean in as few words as possible. The manager seems to be assuming that the fact that there is a hamburger restaurant next to his particular video store is somehow causing that store to have higher sales volume and revenue than other outlets in the video store chain.

Remember that graders read hundreds and hundreds of essays, and they spend just a minute or so reading each one. Concision is underrated in daily life, but it is prized in writing a GMAT essay. If you break down the argument, decide on your points, and arrange your ideas into paragraphs when the clock starts, then you will have written a polished AWA essay before 30 minutes elapse. Remember that formal writing is much more structured than texts and speech.

Consider the following sentence:.

GMAT AWA Sample Essays

The auther assumes that teachers math skills are not up to par when the the problem might be with their teaching style. Or their training. Save at least 2 minutes to proofread your essay. The essay should read like a solid first draft; it does not need to be absolutely perfect. Perfection is not required here. Do not try to write as if you were someone else. Jennifer Mathews Land has taught for Kaplan since John wants to buy a pet.

He is choosing between a cat and a dog.

GMAT AWA - How to Analyze an Argument - Argument Essay

He only has time to care for one pet. Write an essay in which you argue for the purchase of one type of pet over the other based on the following considerations:. The first option, the cat, is a clean pet that does not typically damage or destroy household property. While the cat does need to be fed twice per day, it does not need to be taken for daily walks.

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The cat is very aloof and non-responsive to human interaction, but it does grow attached to its human owner over time. The second option, the dog, requires daily attention.

The dog has been known to damage household property, and it requires walks on a daily basis. With training, the dog can learn to be relatively self-sufficient. As mentioned earlier, the scenario will always be presented in the same way. The first part will present a choice, the second part the bullet statements will present two considerations that need to be weighed in making that choice, and the third part will provide more information about the two choices at hand.

Notice that there is no right or wrong answer here. In fact, the scenario is presented in such a way as to make it difficult to decide which option is better! They both have their pros and cons.


GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

The following will outline a process for planning and writing your essay. In the test booklet, set up a table that has the two choices along the top and the two considerations along the side. For our example, it might look like this:. Keep in mind, however, that the scenario you will see on your exam will be much less familiar to you.

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  7. Organizing the information in grid form will make it much easier for you to see the relative strengths and weaknesses of each choice. At this point, you want to make a decision. Is it more important for John that the pet be maintenance-free or that it be a loyal companion?

    Even so, you need to decide which you will make more important. If John has a true companion and friend, the daily maintenance will become a labor of love instead of a hassle. Your decision in step 2 should lead you to a clear choice. Summarize the decision to be made. Acknowledge the complexity of the decision. State your opinion.