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Bullying in schools: A form of child abuse in schools. The author discusses the modern prevalence of bullying in school systems, the effects of bullying, intervention strategies, and provides an extensive list of resources and references.

What Is Annotation?

Statistics included provide an alarming realization that bullying is prevalent not only in the United States, but also worldwide. The author concludes with a section that addresses intervention strategies for school administrators, teachers, counselors, and school staff. Overall, the article is worthwhile for anyone interested in the subject matter, and provides a wealth of resources for researching this topic of growing concern.

Plester, B. Txt msg n school literacy: Does texting and knowledge of text abbreviations adversely affect children's literacy attainment? Literacy , 42 3 , Reports on two studies that investigated the relationship between children's texting behavior, their knowledge of text abbreviations, and their school attainment in written language skills.

In Study One, 11 to 12 year-old children reported their texting behavior and translated a standard English sentence into a text message and vice versa. Positive correlations between spelling ability and performance on the translation exercise were found, and group-based comparisons based on the children's writing scores also showed that good writing attainment was associated with greater use of texting abbreviations textisms , although the direction of this association is not clear.

Overall, these findings suggest that children's knowledge of textisms is not associated with poor written language outcomes for children in this age range. Amott, T. Caught in the Crisis: Women in the U. Economy Today.

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New York: Monthly Review Press. A very readable pp economic analysis and information book which I am currently considering as a required collateral assignment in Economics Among its many strengths is a lucid connection of "The Crisis at Home" with the broader, macroeconomic crisis of the U.

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Papadantonakis, Gambell, T. Rethinking gender differences in literacy.

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Canadian Journal of Education , 24 1 Five explanations are offered for recently assessed gender differences in the literacy achievement of male and female students in Canada and other countries. The explanations revolve around evaluative bias, home socialization, role and societal expectations, male psychology, and equity policy.

When you read through sources, taking notes on the information helps you not only understand the information more completely, but also remember where the information is located. How will you remember what the key point of the article was that you wanted to include in your paper? Annotation helps you keep track of the information you want to use in your paper.

Then when it comes time to writing, you can locate it quickly and avoid wasting time searching through pages and pages of text. While this is certainly a good reason, there are other reasons you should annotate.

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For instance, you might annotate to understand content, respond to a prompt, or examine literary or rhetorical strategies. Your purpose for annotating will inevitably change how and what you annotate, so understand your purpose before you begin reading AND have a goal in mind while you annotate.

Here are two examples showing how to annotate a text for inspiration. Annotations consist of highlighting key points and summarizing main ideas in the margins. Download this nonfiction annotation as a PDF. Purpose of annotation: Character analysis. Download this literary annotation as a PDF.

Take those notes, and turn them into an essay! Need help managing your time in the essay-writing process? Here are a few posts that can also help you get on the right track:. Get inspiration from over , example essays.

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