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The statistics indicated that somewhat of Even a large number of businesses prefer to make their advertising campaign via Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace Heffernan. SNS is not a messenger, but an open communication using web. There are various reasons why student like a social networking. It is psychologically easier to make a new friend from online than a stiff classroom. Through SNS, also, students can sort their friends into different categories and share their thoughts.

In addition, students can express their inner emotions into their web space. Third, the most powerful use of the internet is playing game. People follow an organized story or a plot in a console game, yet online game has a high-degree-of-freedom.

For example, players can become a king, to be the most influential user. In addition, a process of creating a character online is very interesting.

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Users can give their character a name, race, hair style, and etc. Online game has its own community just like the real world. A relationship among online is more intimate and glutinous. Moreover, players can meet non-existent objects like a dragon, or a medieval castle.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Internet Essay

Also, students can experience their imagination and relieve their stress. Through playing shooting games, attacking or killing other users can take away their stress. Thus, students become more enthusiastic to play. Consequently, students lose more time to study since they spend more time with the internet. First, excessive internet use can reduce memorization ability. George A.

Today, students do not only learn knowledge from school but also have various types of information with the internet. The amount of information, a student learns in a single day, is enormous because of the internet. As I mentioned above, students cannot remember all knowledge they have learned, and forget some amount of knowledge. When students try to recall that knowledge forgotten, this process suppresses a their brain.

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Mikhail Rabinovich, a neuroscientist and a professor at the Bio-Circuits Institute at University of California San Diego, explains the interactions between recalling and brain. Ten items requires inhibitory powers that are 50 times stronger, and 20 or more items would.

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Excessive recalling for a useful piece of knowledge is same as running too many programs on a computer. When we run too many programs on a computer, computer speed decrease and perhaps computer have damage. Internet is the network of computing system across the globe that is connected by cable or by satellite communication system. Internet has made lots of knowledge stores virtually available to anyone and at any time as long as one has access to an internet connection. Transmission and exchange of information takes place at a lightning speed.

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Every possible piece of information that is available in the public domain makes up a very vast information bank making it easier for learning, and for research. At the same time it is an effective medium of mass communication given its public reach.


So on the one hand it has the potential to reach the disseminate information and make use of it or it could turn out to be destructive too. It is up to each one of us to make the best use of this blessing and not make it a bane. Internet while it has its advantages also has some drawbacks. It may not even have been imagined by its pioneers what essentiality internet has gained these days in our households.

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Broadening the scope of information, knowledge and technology, internet continues to serve us in many ways. Like every object of interest, the benefits depend on the way of usage.

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