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Gretchen Bernabi has some fantastic writing resources on her site that are really useful for language learners. This graphic organizer, created by Super Teacher Worksheets. Com, compares writing a good paragraph to building a delicious hamburger. It encourages students to begin with a strong topic sentence and end with a closing sentences and leaves space to add lots of details in the middle. This is a great resource of models essays for most types of writing that are taught at the middle school and high school level. This is great resource, created by the Eastern Institute of Technology, provides sentence starters and frames students can use for academic writing.

This is a great resource for students to use when writing a written response to a novel. However, being able to speak a foreign language—at least one—nowadays is becoming a necessity.

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Spanish, among all other foreign languages, seems to be the most necessary for the United States, and every U. For the United States, Spanish is not a foreign language anymore. With a regular flow of new immigrants from South America, as well as with the extensive growth of a Spanish-speaking population, which is large already, Spanish is rapidly becoming the second-most-used language in the United States in terms of the amount of speakers. According to a Pew Research Center report, an estimated Considering all this, Caucasian, African American, and Asian students and people of all ages might want to be able to improve communications with such an enormous group of people; soon enough, it will be a regular situation when in some public places, there will be nine Hispanic people for one-two persons of another skin color.

Being bilingual in a global world is another preference that one might consider when studying Spanish Huffingtonpost. If you have ever traveled to another country, you might have experienced problems with communicating with local population. Since Spanish-speaking countries are among the most popular touristic destinations for U. S citizens, would it not be great to be able to freely explore, say, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, or Spain without running into a language barrier?

In addition, Spanish is not that difficult of a language to learn. Although many Americans are secretly afraid to try learning a foreign language, it is not that difficult—and Spanish is rather simple, especially in terms of pronunciation and spelling although grammar might sometimes be a little tricky. Of all them, Spanish is almost the easiest to learn—in about a year, you can speak it competently EduSpain.

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Studying Spanish nowadays is a good choice, especially for U. The number of Spanish-speaking people in the U. The Spanish language is widely spoken in many countries of the western world, so it is a solid choice if you want to travel, or to learn other cultures.

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It's ten years in the making, with enough organic vegetables to feed every mouth in this neighborhood. Come rally with me this Friday night.

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Together, we will stand in their way and protect our beloved town. Raising taxes is wrong because people should be entitled to keep their own money and because an increase in tax revenue will be stifling to businesses. We should keep taxes low or even reduce tax rates to encourage growth. In each of these examples, the goal is to get someone to do something or support something. Sound reasoning is required to convince the audience that there's a benefit to their taking action.

You know who was the master of reason? Aristotle himself. He developed the three modes of reasoning - ethos, logos, and pathos. That is, ethics, logic, and emotion. Why not let Aristotle lead you down the pathway to persuasive success? When it's time to formulate your own assertion, be sure to follow these steps for writing a persuasive speech. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself.

People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Persuasive Writing in Ad Campaigns There's an entire psychology behind ad campaigns. Persuasive Essay Examples Persuasive essays are a great way to formulate sound arguments and distribute them to the public.

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Speeches and Persuasive Writing A powerful persuasive speech stands the chance of rocking an entire nation. Here are some sample statements to consider: Are you tired of seeing your paychecks slashed by unjust tax deductions? Take Action Today In each of these examples, the goal is to get someone to do something or support something.

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