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Seen through the innocent eyes of a young child are the events and people of Maycomb. Courage is a major theme in the novel but there are other themes like the Hypocrisy, Protecting the innocent and Prejudice, which are brought out to the same extent. The author. To Kill a Mockingbird Term Paper Imagine having your life completely destroyed by a fraudulent charge just because of the color of your skin.

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Some of the most glaring examples of hypocrisy come from three female characters: Mrs. Dubose, Mrs.

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  • The Hypocrisy of Humanity Depicted in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbir.

Merriweather, and Mrs. Each character said a hypocritical statement in this novel.

A quote and detailed context will be used to explain to the full extent what was hypocritical. The narrator of the story is a six-year-old girl named Jean Louise Finch, a tomboy who hates wearing dresses and goes by the nickname "Scout.

Essay On Hypocrisy

These themes were put in so that the audience could become more empathetic towards the characters, especially the protagonists. She depicts these themes through characters, events, using symbolism, imagery and contrast located throughout the book. Firstly, Harper Lee shows the themes of innocence, maturity and growing up through the main.

Both Jem and scout are just beginning to experience things. The prejudiced views in Maycomb County created a very chaotic future for the children.

Analysis and adaptations

Children are known to be unjudgemental and therefore are somewhat attached to Tom Robinson. The children are tremendously effected by the wrongful conviction of Tom Robison in the corrupted judicial system. An example of injustice that was in To Kill A Mockingbird was how nobody even gave Atticus a chance to win Tom Robinsons case all because Tom was black.

Hypocrisy is when someone says something the opposite of what they really do, an example of hypocrisy in the book is Ms. Blacks have as many rights as whites do. Related documents. Appearance vs.

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Topic: Julius Caesar Act I. To Kill A Mockingbird - edsc Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird. Document An Introduction to the Novel. Atticus Finch is symbolized by the mockingbird. Download advertisement. Once the verdict is given, Miss Gates says that she is glad that the jury did something about the blacks. That "they" were getting too high and mighty, and should be put back in their place Now she shows that it is acceptable to kill an innocent black person.

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

She has now inadvertently taught Scout two points concerning morality: one of the injustices towards Jews, the other to slaughter other innocent human beings based on their skin colour. These two combined confuse Scout. She has always been taught to be unprejudiced towards both, but not one or the other. As Scout says: "How can you hate Hitler so bad an' then turn around and be ugly about folks right at home".