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For me, thesis B was initial testing and C is extensive testing. Kinda feels like B is a practice round of lab work to prep for C. I found that as long as I stayed organised it was pretty easy getting through everything. I met with my coordinator almost every week to discuss and interpret my results.

I highly recommend having as much contact as you can with your coordinator, they are experts in the field and can help you a lot. It also helps set their expectations as things go wrong, they can help you fix them. If you get a distinction in A, they will allow you to fast track your degree and finish B and C together. On completion of the thesis, the marks from the assessments in the 3 courses get combined and you get the same mark for all 3 courses. The assessments in Thesis B and C are different to reflect that Thesis B is about work-in-progress progress report etc and Thesis C is about finishing the project up final thesis.

Your feeling of "B is a practice round of lab work to prep for C" is likely complete coincidence. Most students are getting a substantial amount of data in the Thesis B term that appears in their final thesis.

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Are you guided by your supervisor? Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Engineering Research Thesis. Degree Discussion.

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Of course, for the student who does go on to do mathematical research, these skills are vital. It should be noted that although the project is an important part of a student's research training, the aim of the project is not to produce original new theorems. Occasionally a project will contain some original results, but this is certainly not a required component. Remember that different projects can have quite different natures. Some are surveys of a particular area of mathematics, some look at the history behind a famous problem, others may require calculating some examples, or filling in gaps in published works.

The thesis will be assessed for quality in four major areas see below , each of which is important. The weighting of the various assessment components will vary depending on the type of thesis. For example, the literature coverage will be more important in a survey type project than in one which contains original results. All theses are expected to address all four areas, however.


There will usually be some questions asked at the end of the talk. Don't feel that you have to know the answer to all of them. Questions are asked because the questioner wants to know the answer, not because they want to see whether you know. This mark is then rounded up to produce your final Honours mark, which determines your grade. You should begin to plan the 'shape' of the thesis before the start of your third term.

You supervisor should have a fairly mature draft by the end of Week 7 of your last term, but you should probably give them a chapter sooner than this so they can check your writing style.

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The following is a general guide to how work on your thesis should progress. If you think that a major variation is warranted, please discuss this with either your supervisor or the Honours Coordinator. The honours thesis is due at 5pm on the final day of Week 10 in the final term of honours candidature. For more details on how the thesis should be presented, including the type of binding, see the next section. The rule below will be applied if the thesis is late with no good reason.

In the case of illness or other extenuating circumstances, the late penalty will be determined by agreement between the three thesis assessors and the Honours Coordinator. To quote the rules:. Students are required to submit four copies of their thesis, typed and in a protective binder or cover for example, spiral bound. Students are responsible for the production of their theses. Almost all students type their theses using LaTeX. The School runs periodic classes on how to get started in LaTeX and you should take advantage of these as early as you can. Getting a good looking thesis can be helped by having a good style or 'document class' file and a decent example to copy.

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A style file and an example thesis is provided below. Your thesis should be in 12pt font, singly spaced or one-and-a-half spaced.

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Typically, a thesis should be between 40 and 60 pages in length. If you think that you have a good reason to write a shorter or longer thesis, discuss this with your supervisor.

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Theses are not judged by their weight! The following files can help you to get your thesis writing started. You will only need one of the UNSW crest files, depending on whether you are using the pdflatex or latex command to compile your thesis. Skip to main content. This involves: Independent study under the supervision of a member of staff.

The writing of a thesis giving an account of what was studied.