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In The Princess Bride courage is shown when Westley bluffed Humperdinck into surrendering even though he had no strength.

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Courage can also be found in this story when Westley fights Fezzik hand-to-hand with no weapons. If you learn these lessons and follow them, it may help you later on in life.

Conflict is shown when Arthur and Pellinore joust and sword fight against each other. Without this fight, the story would be boring. Suspense is shown when Arthur and Pellinore are fighting sword-to-sword. Readers wonder if Arthur will win or lose the battle.

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When Merlin disables Pellinore and goes with Arthur to find the sword, Excalibur, the suspense subsides. It returns, though, when Arthur is told by Merlin that King Pellinore will be riding past them soon. Suspence causes the story to be more interesting and keeps the audience content. Lastly, imagery is shown when the author described the Lady of the Lake and the Lake of the Fairy Palace.

Imagery causes the reader to understand the story better and it helps aid the enjoyment of the reader. Westley and Arthur are brave and determined, but their behaviors are completely different. Article last reviewed: St. Skip to content. It only takes seconds!

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Essay on Character and Symbolic Analysis of The Princess Bride

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