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They led to increased community activism. The programs encouraged political organization and community development, and when used as intended, their funds went to education, medical services, and legal services. The Supreme Court had its part in the Great Society as well. To help give all citizens an equal voice at the polls, Baker v. Carr made states do all that was practical to maintain population balance in the drawing of congressional and state legislature lines.

Gideon v. Wainwright ensured that poor people would have legal counsel provided to them by the court if they could not afford to pay. The case of Miranda v. Arizona mandated that people be informed of their legal rights when placed under arrest.

Civil rights was another integral part of the Great Society. However, it was also one of the hardest to achieve. Before the Civil Rights Act of was passed, opponents of the bill filibustered for 75 days. However, on June 11, the bill passed the Senate by a vote of 73 to The bill targeted racism in American life.

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It made it easier for the attorney general to take part in all civil rights cases and allowed him or her to prosecute segregated school districts and election officials who denied voting rights to black Americans. Other sections forbade discrimination in public facilities, hiring, and federally funded programs. The Voting Rights Act of authorized federal officials to register voters and oversee elections. It outlawed long-standing measures used primarily in southern states to keep African Americans from voting.

By mid a half-million African Americans were registered to vote in the South; by nearly African Americans held elected office in that region. A final civil rights measure, the Open Housing Act, was passed in and outlawed racial discrimination in the sale or rental of housing.

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Also under the heading of civil rights was the Immigration Act of , which abolished discriminatory national-origins policies. The impact of his legislation is still felt today. His noble and idealistic crusade was cut short by a bitter and unpopular war. This example Great Society Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

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Promo code: cd1a Related Posts. On the economic front, Johnson pushed successfully for a tax cut, then pressed for a poverty program Kennedy had initiated.

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The Office of Economic Opportunity provided training for the poor and established various community-action programs to give the poor themselves a voice in housing, health and education programs. Medical care came next.

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Truman had proposed a centralized scheme more than 20 years earlier, but had failed to gain congressional passage. Under Johnson's leadership, Congress enacted Medicare, a health insurance program for the elderly, and Medicaid, a program providing health-care assistance for the poor. Similarly, Johnson succeeded in the effort to provide aid for elementary and secondary schooling where Kennedy had failed.

The measure that was enacted gave money to the states based on the number of their children from low-income families.

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Funds could be used to assist public- and private-school children alike. The Great Society reached even further.

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A new housing act provided rent supplements for the poor and established a Department of Housing and Urban Development. An immigration measure finally replaced the discriminatory quotas set in Federal assistance went to artists and scholars to encourage their work. The Johnson administration also addressed transportation safety issues, in part because of the efforts of a young lawyer, lobbyist and consultant named Ralph Nader.

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Nader said that automobile manufacturers were sacrificing safety features for style, and he named specific models in which faulty engineering contributed to highway fatalities. In September , Johnson signed into law two transportation bills.