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  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Download this LitChart! Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Themes and Colors.

    The Crucible Theme Essay

    LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Crucible , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Puritanism and Individuality. Those who think or act independently… read full theme analysis. The Danger of Ideology. This meant that any attempt to question, obstruct… read full theme analysis. Download it!

    Essay: Conformity in the Crucible, Theme Essay

    Reputation and Integrity. The Crucible argues that those most… read full theme analysis. Cite This Page. MLA Chicago. Florman, Ben. Retrieved October 10, Copy to Clipboard.

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      One could not question the government, the military, or the church. Miller portrayed the priests and judges in The Crucible as that certain type of people that Americans will always be up against in the struggle for power. Science is the new religion and scientists the new priests. Scientists are the only people capable of interpreting what all of the math and formulas mean.

      And as a result, the rest of us openly accept their conclusions to be the true. This is the same kind of reliance that people put on the church two hundred years ago. The church was always right. The Crucible is a great drama because it addresses the issue of conformity in American culture and questions the amount of power that we allow those to have whom are supposedly more educated than the majority of the population and are responsible for defining the ideologies and beliefs by which we live. At the time when The Crucible was first being performed something was taking place that was very alike the Salem Witch Trials.

      In Hollywood, the House Un-American Activities Committee was investigating the film industry for communist activities. Actors, writers, and directors were interrogated as to whether or not they had involved themselves in any kind of relations with the Communist Party. It was thought that the Communists were trying to gain control of the American film industry for propaganda purposes. As a result, those individuals that were thought to be in any way associated with the Communists were blacklisted in Hollywood and could no longer work there.

      As history has shown us, the injustices that occurred during the Salem Witch Trials continue to go on. We see parallels between the Salem Witch Trials and other issues even today. Most recently, the military wanted to discharge any gay men in service. These kind of injustices will always exist. This is yet another reason why The Crucible should be considered to be great drama. The idea of conformity is one which any given individual will always face.

      The Crucible Themes

      People who define the ideologies and beliefs by which we live will also always exist. As will the accusations made by one group of select individuals towards groups of others in order to support their cause, or solve their problem. Great drama is something in which an audience can find relevance and relation. Great drama is drama that will always be important.

      The Theme of Evilness in The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

      Can a person's opinion equal their fate? The trumped-up witch hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts, deteriorated the rational, and emotional stability of its…. The Anglo-Saxons were the members of the Germanic peoples who invaded England, and were there….

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