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A thesis statement for a response paper should give your evaluation of the source, tell what you consider its core strengths and weaknesses. I consider the article by … to be biased and based on unsupported generalizations. A thesis statement for a literature review should provide a conclusion you have made. Note, this is not a conclusion on separate sources, it is a conclusion on the existing knowledge on the topic.

Here are some examples of such thesis statement:. Despite the long history of enquire into the effect of TV viewing on children, the topic remains controversial. According to research, parental divorce has a particularly negative impact on children. A thesis statement for the problem and solution essay has to state what solution is best to the problem you consider:. Investing in the healthcare of developing nations is the most humane and effective way to tackle overpopulation. A thesis statement for a cause and effect essay should either identify the cause for a particular effect or an effect for a particular cause.

A growing rate of divorces is the consequence of A, B, C changing society values, poor communication skills, unrealistic expectations of marriage, etc.

Bullying has multiple long-term effects such as A, B, C lower self-esteem, inability to trust people, etc. A thesis statement usually appears at the end of an introduction and is usually one sentence. When you are allowed or expected to be creative, you may violate this rule and finish with something emphatic. Consider the following example. Here, a thesis statement is a last but one sentence so that an introduction finishes with an emphatic direct quotation:.

Though there are theories of the future, where the humans benefit from the merge with robots, the prospects of humans to be the governing force in this new form of life are rather doom. If you include a roadmap for the paper, place it at the end of the first paragraph, after a thesis statement. A roadmap is a description of what the paper will consider; it is a short plan of the paper, which helps the reader not to get lost. It is usually included only in longer works with several sections or even chapters. A roadmap may look like this,.

Thesis and Purpose Statements

Chapter 1 will be devoted to … Chapter 2 will look into … Therefore, Chapter 3 will consider … A Conclusion will …. Forget such pattern once and for all! In a better case, if the paper was meant to investigate the debate over the effect of the Internet, the statement will be considered a weak thesis statement. However, if you had to write an argumentative essay, you can get F yes, Fail because the main purpose of an argumentative essay is to argue and make a claim.

First, do your research: do a rhetorical analysis of a persuasive piece you have chosen, analyze two texts you are comparing and note similarities and differences, analyze several different positions that writers of credible sources take and note, which argument sounds more convincing for you, etc. If you have made your research right, you might already have a clue about what to include in your thesis statement using one of the above examples as a sample.

How to Write a Solid Thesis Statement

Yes, for sure. You may ask for support in this Facebook group I have created. If you order editing , I will add or revise your thesis statement, and I will leave a recommendation concerning the appropriateness and strength of your thesis statement when proofreading your essay. Thus, ordering these services from Make a Stand will free you from concerns about your thesis statement and will help you make the most of your essay.

Even if you manage to find a ready-made thesis statement example for your topic, I would not recommend using it. Your thesis statement should summarise the arguments you are going to make — the ones, for which you have found support in credible sources. The process of writing a thesis statement is similar for all formatting styles. A thesis statement does not require any specific formatting: bolding, italics, etc. It is just a normal sentence that you include at the end of your introduction. Please check your inbox - the Checklist must be waiting for you there!

A Strong Thesis Statement: Tips and Examples

If it did not get into that scary Spam folder View Larger Image. A good thesis statement is relevant to the goal of an assay. If your goal is to argue, a thesis statement should present an argument; if your goal is to compare, it compares, and so on.

If you need to analyze a debate on an argumentative topic , and your thesis statement argues your own position on it, do not expect an effective essay or a good grade. Being debatable. Purdue Owl Writing Lab emphasizes that a strong thesis statement is debatable.

Then your thesis question would be the answer to that question. Here are some possible questions:. It is often helpful to write a thesis question first. The answer to that question will be the thesis statement. Whether or not you would use the question in your essay depends on whether it is helpful to clarify the answer. Possible questions are:. Would "What do you think of vaccinations in children being mandatory? That thesis statement needs to start with a question such as "Should vaccinations of children be made mandatory? Here are some better questions:.

Our thesis topic is "How does the government address the issue of destructive fishing in the country?

How to write a thesis for beginners

How should I approach writing about this topic? That is a problem solution essay where you would describe how the government tries to fix the problem of fishing. Alternatively, you could write an essay which argues that the government should do more, or something different. A "thesis abstract" is actually a summary of the whole document you are writing, rather than just a single thesis sentence.

Generally, this term is used for dissertations or master's thesis. You will start your thesis abstract with your thesis question and answer, but then you will need to add all of the main reasons for your response to this thesis. If you were writing a short paper, you would have all of your topic sentences, but if your abstract is of a more extended document, like a dissertation, you will need to tell just the main points of argument.

That is a topic question rather than a thesis. The thesis would be the answer to that question. How does the truth set you free? Thesis questions are where you start and then the answer to the question is your thesis statement. Here are some thesis questions on your topic:.

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Should tech companies make sure their employees have a living wage that allows them a comfortable life in Silicon Valley? What do you think about the topic "Plastic Waste" for an essay? How would that topic be formed into a thesis?

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Should people have to pay for plastic containers like grocery bags? Will this help eliminate plastic waste? To form a thesis from one of these questions, you will need to answer the question and then give reasons for your answer. Those reasons will be what you use for your topic sentences in the body of your essay. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.