Short essay on generation gap

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GENERATION GAP II Causes ,Effects and Solutions

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Still having doubts about WayWrite? Name: Joanna. Name: Nick. On the other hand, the older contenders, who were earlier overzealous in their aspirations to rear a perfect individual, too, have aged and become increasingly aware of their own mortality. They learn to lower their defences and the friction eases considerably. A leading newsPaper once launched a rather intelligent advertising campaign in which it pit its increasingly larger readership against that of a much older, traditional trusted name, and called the differences in their sales-the generation gap.

Each successive generation has stuck out its tongue at the preceding one, just as the latter has struck its palm against the forehead, bemoaning the loss of morality and predicting dire reprisals. The advertisement only hammers home the fact that that was then, and.

Essay No. The gap between old people and young boys and girls is called the generation gap. This gap between the two generations is not a new phenomenon.

Generation Gap Essay

The people belonging to the older generation always wonder as to what has gone wrong with the new generation. They feel that a lack of respect for the old will bring ruin and spell disaster for the young. Young people do not like to be spoon fed by their elders. The gap between the old and the new generations is widening day —by- day due to various reasons. First of all, the young people feel that the present system of education has little relevance to the realities of life. It is not job oriented.

The result is that even after completing their schooling, they are not able to find any employment. They feel highly disillusioned.

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Secondly, life has become so busy and fast that parents find little time to devote to their children. Efforts to promote intimacy and understanding between the old and the young are lacking. Thirdly, the young also find the there is a difference between what they are expected to do and what is actually happening in the country. The talk of duty, dedication, morality, etc.

Young people are not prepared to follow whatever their elders tell them. When the young people find that corruption has entered into every sphere of life, they feel disgusted. They fight against social and economic injustice. They demand a change. In India, tradition is still dominant.

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Tradition kills the initiative of younger generation. In order to express their disenchantment with the existing state of affairs, young people often resort to violence. They wear what they like. They behave in a very unconventional manner. They have no respect tradition, custom, manners etc. The youth should realize that they have no experience of life.

They should, therefore, value the advice and counsel of the elders. If the youth have any difference of opinion, they should put across their viewpoint before the elders in a very polite and respectful manner. In the western countries of Europe and America, the generation gap is so much that the young and the old do not like to live together.

The young people start living separately as soon as they are able to earn their livelihood. Similarly, the old people also start living separately in their own houses or in pensioner Houses or old age Homes in their old age. Thus this generation gap results in the break- up of homes and joint families. Although under the influence of the western education the problem of generation gap is also creating a lot of problems in India, yet its effect is still limited in our country due to the influence of the joint family system prevailing in India.

There are definitely a lot of advantages in the joint family system. Therefore, we should not follow the western system blindly at the cost of the well-tried Indian social and family tradition. But this does not mean that the youth are always at fault. It should be the duty of both generations. Only then this problem can be solved.

There always has been generation gap since the dawn of civilization. The older people and the younger population complain of generation gap. There is a great hue and cry raised by the elders and the young both that the communication between them has broken down. They attribute it to generation gap.

Short Essay on Generation Gap

The elders are more critical of the younger generation with a big inventory of complaints against the young and the young mostly tend to ignore the complaining, speechless and occasional loud protestations of the older generation. But now and then they do protest.

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They resent the petting attitude of the elders. The younger generation naturally differs in dress, food, habits etc, as all these were not available to the older generation. These changes are indicative of progress. It will be generally agreed that most fathers want their offspring to adopt the same profession that they themselves followed without giving due weight to the aptitude of the offspring. This causes tension between the elders and the children. People are fixated on the music of their youth.

The tastes keep changing and no one should complain about this change. The ways people relax also change from age to age.