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Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Chavez, Sarah A This, like so much. Christensen, Kelly Scott Career academies: A holistic multiple-case study of the development and sustainability of high school-college partnerships in Nebraska. Claassen, Elizabeth A A reduced bias method of estimating variance components in generalized linear mixed models.

Collins, Adam Marlin The social-ecology from child maltreatment to dating violence: The impact of bullying. Collins, Timothy P Creatures of incoherence: Dissecting the drivers, history, and cognition of attitudinal incongruence in the American body politic. Cramer, Joshua R The essence of participating in a comprehensive family literacy program. Criter, Robin Elaine Identifying fall risk in the audiology clinic.

Crow, J. Cruikshank Vogt, Jaclyn Women who kill: Late twentieth-century American women writers rewriting mythologies of violence.

Culross, Beth A A comparison of the self-perceived gerontological nurse competency of RNS in skilled nursing facilities. Dahlgren, Lizette A. P Mechanisms of differential toxicity between honey bee Apis mellifera L. Davis, Dawn L Fidelity of implementation, teacher perceptions and child outcomes of a literacy curriculum in a head start program: A mixed methods study.

Day, Frederick C Explaining the relationship between motivation, work satisfaction, and virtual team effectiveness: A mixed methods study. DeHart, Erin E Teaching multiculturalism: One educator's reflective journey in teaching with inquiry and transformation. DeVilbiss, Samantha E The transition experience: Understanding the transition from high school to college for conditionally-admitted students using the lens of Schlossberg's transition theory.

Diouf, Oumar Diogoye Pragmatic decolonial moves: African-Atlantic writers within a minor literature. Dooley, Kadie Students' perceptions of recess: An examination of predictors of peer conflict. Dotterer, Laura Jo Optimizing water use through management of spatiotemporal variation using site specific technologies. Dreiling, Joan Marie Asymmetric interactions between spin-polarized electrons and chiral molecules.

England, William R Can analyzing spatial relationships through geographically weighted regression improve our understanding of low school attainment? Eusebio Balcazar, Pamela Eliana The effects of limestone particle size on bone health and performance of pullets and hens in conventional cage and alternative housing systems. Fagan, Helen Abdali Soosan Psycap and the impact on the development of intercultural sensitivity development in healthcare educators: A mixed methods study.

Fan, Lisha Diamond film deposition using laser-assisted combustion flames.

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Fellers, Pamela S Value-added methodology for estimating professional development program effects. Friedow, Alison J Interdisciplinary pedagogy: An angle of approach. Gaskill, Martonia C Cheating in business online learning: Exploring students' motivation, current practices and possible solutions. Geng, Yunlong Microstructure and magnetic behavior studies of processing-controlled and composition-modified Fe-Ni and Mn-Al alloys. Gentzler, Kari C A stress process model of arrest among homeless women: Exploring risk and protective factors. Georges, Leah C Procedural due process in modern problem-solving courts: An application of the asymmetric immune knowledge hypothesis.

Gerashchenko, Maxim Redox regulation of protein translation in eukaryotes. Gibb, Connie L The coveted souls of oppressed persons. Godana, Getachew Dinku The rhetoric of community participation: NGOs' discourses and deliberative practices with communities in Ethiopia. Grenseman, Gladys Annie Licona Advocating the strengthening of public high school theatre arts education: With a focus on our English learners and at-risk students.

Guo, Wenhu Evolution of organellar genome architecture in seed plants: The role of intracellular gene transfer, recombination and mutation. Guttieri, Mary Joy Breeding wheat for improved nutritional quality: Insights from a winter wheat association mapping panel. Gyawali, Sunil A new decision making approach for indirect left turn treatments by utilizing decision assistance curves. Hahn, Dana L The effects of feed additives, housing systems and stress on Salmonella shedding in single comb white and brown laying hens.

Hamilton, David W Faculty perceptions of developmental education delivery changes in Nebraska community colleges.

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Hamilton, Erika K Advertising "in these times:" How historical context influenced advertisements for Willa Cather's fiction. Hamm, Joseph Allan Understanding the role of trust in cooperation with natural resources institutions. Hardin, Jason A Algebraic properties of Ext-modules over complete intersections. Hart, Carl R On a combined adaptive tetrahedral tracing and edge diffraction model.

Hatami, Afshin Design of shear connectors for precast concrete decks in concrete girder bridges. Haymaker, Kathryn Combinatorial and algebraic coding techniques for flash memory storage. Hefley, Trevor J New statistical methods for analysis of historical data from wildlife populations.

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He, Huijing Two-dimensional scalar differential equations for transversely varying thickness modes in piezoelectric plates and applications in acoustic wave resonator sensors. Hein, Karen K Creating and using interactive presentations in distance education courses: A view from the instructor's chair. Herstein, Kelli R An experimental analysis of the effects of ventilation, airflow and door configuration on the transmission of synthetic respiratory aerosols in a hospital. Hidalgo-Contreras, Juan Valente Incorporating causal structure among traits using a multitrait genomic selection index.

Hollman, Angela K Structures and relationships between the business executive and information technology executive at the university: A mixed methods study. Holman, Amanda How adolescents perceive their parents' communication about sex: Toward reducing adolescent sexual risk. Hossain, S. M Towards a sustainable modular robot system for planetary exploration. Hubel, Grace Identifying risk for and preventing child maltreatment in Early Head Start families.

Hudac, Caitlin M Emergence of theory of mind. Hyde, Annastasia S Structural characterization of human UDP-glucose dehydrogenase reveals novel insights into regulatory modes of the enzyme. Jaeger, Andrew J Hylomorphic composition: Simple substances and composite objects. Javorsky, Kristin H Digital print concepts: Conceptualizing a modern framework for measuring emerging knowledge. Jedlicka, Joseph Evaluation of four biparental soybean populations for identification of seed oil QTL, cytoplasmic effects, and genotype x environment interactions.

Jeronimo, Heather Forming fam other hood: Queer parenthood in 20th and 21st- century Spanish narrative and film. Jeutang, Noel Pavel N Two essays on stock repurchases and insider trading. Jiang, Xiujuan Structural, magnetic and microstructural studies of composition-modified Sm-Co ribbons. Johnson, Jacob H The history of fraternities and sororities at Southern Utah university, Johnson, Jill M As though the ground were a long way down. Jones, Sarah Lynn Networking local-global advocacy: A rhetorical historiography of the international women's tribune centre Kahrobaee, Salman Reliability modeling and evaluation of distributed energy resources and smart power distribution systems.

Kamarajugadda, Vedvyas Whole body biomechanics of vertical ladder climbing with varying rung separations. Kane, Cindy A place for scholarship in campus activities practice: A collective case study. Karr, Darci L Attitudes and beliefs student teachers hold toward technology integration. Kasputis, Tadas Engineering substrates to enhance cell-material interactions and nonviral gene delivery.

Kelsey, Kathleen M Impact of adverse childhood experiences on the neural correlates of inhibitory control and emotion regulation in young adulthood.

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Kennedy, Heather R The impact of marriage equality on well-being for members of married same-sex couples: A mixed methods approach. Khachaturyan, Marianna Transboundary waters: Using game theory in theoretical and experimental studies to analyze the management of upstreamdownstream water problems. Kim, Jeehoon A study of social capital and its relationship with dwelling structure and environment based on an empirical analysis of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Kim, Kyujang The impact of ISO implementation on sustainable supply chain management and competitive advantage.

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King, Brett A Coercive airpower in the precision age: The effects of precision guided munitions on air campaign duration. Kirchner, Janet Student experiences of the community college developmental writing classroom.

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Kocak, Kyle Evaluation of iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans Glycine max. Koch, Shari L A portrait of a unique alternative education high school program. Kolbe, Thomas J Perceptions of professional supports and early career teacher attrition. Kroeker, Julia N Indoor and outdoor play in preschool programs: A mixed methods study. Kube, Christopher M Acoustoelastic scattering and attenuation in polycrystalline materials.

Kuhne, Philipp Julius Christian The optical Hall effect in three- and two-dimensional materials. Kuhn, Miriam E A mixed methods approach to examining the "Getting Ready" intervention for supporting young children with challenging behaviors. Kumssa, Tadele Tadesse Characterization of stem rust resistance in wheat cultivar gage. Kunkel, Donna Polarization phenomena in organic nanostructures. Kunkel, Marianne All the girls shout please.

Kuttal, Sandeep Kaur Leveraging variation management to enhance end users' programming experience.