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And now, set free by the climate of man's hate, that seed sets time ablaze There is no need to add quotation marks.

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If the original text is creatively spaced or indented, then try to replicate the original as best you can. If you quote the lines of more than one actor or if the piece you are quoting is long, the quotation should not be integrated into your text. The rules in MLA for presenting this text are:.

Quoting Poetry (MLA 8th ed.)

For more information, see section 1. An indirect source is a source that is cited in another source. Similarly, for the reference list use the source that you actually consulted i. Keep in mind that it is good academic practice to seek out and use the original source, rather than the second-hand one, however this is not always possible. For the above example, the student is using Petrarch's quote which is found in Hui. The page number refers to the source actually consulted Hui , and the reference list would only list Hui, as shown below:.

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Hui, Andrew. The Poetics of Ruins in Renaissance Literature. Fordham UP, For more information, see section 3. Jones et al.

How to Insert a Poem Into an Essay

Abbreviate terms that are commonly abbreviated e. If the corporate author is identified in the works-cited list by the names of administrative units separated by commas, give all the names in the parenthetical citation. Zipes argues that "the historical evolution of storytelling reflects struggles of human beings worldwide" Preface xi.

Block Quote

Palmer If you use works from more than one author with the same last name, eliminate any ambiguity by including the author's first initial as well or if the initial is also the same, the full first name. If you cite multiple works by the same author, include a shortened title in each in-text citation to establish which work you are referring to.

To avoid overly lengthy in-text citations, shorten the title to a simple noun phrase, or a few words. MLA Contents In-text citations.

How to Cite a Poem in Academic Paper Using MLA Style

Government publications. Television or radio broadcast.

trollfactor.com Film or a video recording. Social media. Live performances. If citing page ranges, do not write the last page number in full.

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  7. Jackson 41; Smith If you are citing two works by the same author, put a comma after the author's name and add title words to the in-text citation. Do this when citing each of the sources throughout the assignment. Brown and Czerniewicz If two authors with the same family name are cited in your assignment, use their first initials to distinguish them. Brown 26 and R. Brown Block quotations If a quotation is longer than four lines, set if off from your text by beginning a new line, indenting one inch from the left margin, and typing it double-spaced, without adding quotation marks.

    Winston This is a usefully provocative point, though agreement with it will largely rest on certain, contestable ideas about 'fictionalisation' and 'dramatisation'. Quotations from poetry Quotations from poetry from part of a line up to 3 lines in length, which do not need particular emphasis, may be added, placed in quotation marks, within your text as part of a sentence. Quotations from poetry over 3 lines in length: begin the quotation on a new line indent each line 2.

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    Quotations from a play If you quote the lines of more than one actor or if the piece you are quoting is long, the quotation should not be integrated into your text. The rules in MLA for presenting this text are: leave a line between your text and the quotation indent the first line of each character's words 2. Indirect quotation from a source within a source Where a quotation is less than four lines, use quotation marks and incorporate it into the text.

    The book is listed in the bibliography as follows: Spoto, Donald. MLA rules for citing indirect sources Wherever possible, use material from the original source rather than from a secondhand one. Poets often create line breaks midsentence to create an effect either visually or emotionally.

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    When you quote a poem within an essay, you should make every effort to maintain these line breaks, preserving the integrity of the poem. When you quote three consecutive lines or fewer in a poem, you should use a backslash to show the line break. Associated Press style uses the slash but does not use a space before and after it.

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    If you quote four or more lines of a poem, you will need to use a block quote. This means you will introduce the poem and then, on the next line, indent 10 spaces from the left margin. Copy the lines of the poem exactly. You do not need to use quotation marks or backslashes.