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While reading the article it has also occurred to me that many other countries have many other definitions of marriage as well. For example in Tibetans they believe that brothers should take on 1 wife and live together as a family Powerful Essays words 2. It is all about the new beginnings and new life with your loved ones.

Everyone has their own definition of marriage.

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For many it is a form of commitment between two individuals who vow to be there for one another no matter what the situations they face, where as to others it may be something as simple as just a ceremony or sexuality Powerful Essays words 5. Although engaged couples may enjoy choosing what food to serve at their wedding and where to vacation for their honeymoon, marriage consists of many more components that are often daunting and overlooked.

Marriage is an ongoing bond and connection between two or more people, but also calls for many other forms. One of these aspects is Arranged Marriages, which many people have varying viewpoints on. This paper will layout the various opinions and view points that come to mind when a person hears the phrase Arranged Marriage.

Furthermore it will layout the initial process where a bride and groom initially meet, as well as the females overall say in the process of who her to be husband is Powerful Essays words 4. It affects both the personal life and all other institutions as well. When marriages flourish the nation and the society will rise and when divorce comes along and the marriages fail the society falls apart as well.

We can see the consequences of wrong marriages in next generations on our children.

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The most essential need of human is to have life. Traditionally marriage has been the main purpose of constructing a family.

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Some dream about one day having the best wedding. There are different reasons why people get married. Some are in love I assume, others get married for interests. Should marriage even be encouraged, or should it be discouraged. Emily studied in France for a year, so she knows what it feels like to be displaced culturally, but missing whole conversations feels different, she said. Becky Wang relies on actions when words fail her in relating to her Chinese mother-in-law, who does not speak much English. This is maybe too simplistic, but short of learning Chinese, it is the best that I have come up with.

She focuses on the tone of the conversation, and she inquires about what they are saying. For Mike and Christa Burson, it was important to find other interracial couples with whom they could socialize, and a place to worship in which people of color are not severely outnumbered. Older couples who have been married for decades, especially. We watch how they relate. How they navigate life is valuable. And, of course, as with anything else in marriage, communication is the key.

Wedding Traditions Across Different Cultures Essay

We were thrown into the deep end pretty fast. The good news about interracial marriage is that every couple has to negotiate differences in their families of origin, no matter their heritage. Spouses of different races simply have cultural distinctions as part of their journey. And those distinctions are not always only a disadvantage.

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  • It pushes me to be more flexible and patient. When things are happening in the family, I have to wait to understand their customs and traditions. Mike Burson agrees. Hard things bind you together.

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    The bottom line is not the color of skin in a marriage, according to Deacon Harold Burke Sivers, an international speaker and author on family life and spirituality. He is in an interracial marriage himself his family is from Barbados and his wife is white and he has been ordained a deacon for 10 years. Among his responsibilities is the task of preparing couples for marriage. It is all about the usual things: money, sex, kids—those kinds of issues. Every marriage has challenges. The good news is there are many dedicated staff willing to work with you and your spouse Do something small to surprise your spouse today — prepare lunch for them to take to work, greet them at home with flowers or a treat, or leave a sweet note somewhere for them to find.

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    Intercultural Marriage: Making It Work. The Language Barrier For couples who have families who speak different languages, communication itself can be a challenge. How to Make it Work For Mike and Christa Burson, it was important to find other interracial couples with whom they could socialize, and a place to worship in which people of color are not severely outnumbered.

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