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Scholars often divide his work into periods based on different aspects of his writing style.

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Still early in Shakespeare's career, the plays of this period tend to be less sophisticated than his later works. The plays of this period are typically set in Roman and Medieval times. Shakespeare developed his writing further, with scenes flowing more naturally. His comedy became more sophisticated and he set himself apart from other playwrights by the use of comic relief and mild humour in his tragedies.

His most famous work of this period, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, is a fine example of using the servant class, especially Juliet's nurse, to break tension with comic relief. It was during this period that Shakespeare wrote his best historical dramas and relied on royal and powerful characters to demonstrate human weaknesses that were relatable to all classes of audience. His writing took a dark turn and explored his character's inner conflicts, guilt and remorse.

By this time, Shakespeare's writing was fully developed into the sharp, fast-paced and lyrical style of dialogue that became his trademark.

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His use of symbolism and social commentary became more pronounced in plays of this period, as is illustrated in The Tempest. In , Shakespeare published his collection of one hundred fifty-four sonnets. Like his plays, the sonnets encompass many aspects of the human experience. Mortality is a strong theme, explored from the perspective of youth being encouraged to procreate to extend their lives to a future generation.

Mortality is also examined as he writes about the lives of lovers growing old, death and about the brief nature of existence. The sonnets are constructed of fourteen lines, divided into three groups of four lines, called quatrains, and a final group of two lines called a couplet.

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Usually the mood of the sonnet changes in the third quatrain as the writer expresses a realization or sudden insight. All of the sonnets are written in iambic pentameter and the final word in each line follows an abab cdcd efef gg rhyming scheme. To this day, any poem written in this pattern is known as a Shakespearean sonnet. Shakespeare retired from writing in and died three years later at the age of fifty-two.

Most of his works were published posthumously in Home About Feedback Privacy. Search ShakespeareMag with Google. An Introduction to Shakespeare William Shakespeare has become the most famous and influential author in English literature. Early Period Pre Still early in Shakespeare's career, the plays of this period tend to be less sophisticated than his later works. Third edition. Routledge, Course Description : We will study Shakespeare's drama through primary and secondary texts and films, and exchange points of view as we work together to develop our understanding enjoyment!

Through assigned readings, class and group discussions, and written analyses, the class shall explore the social, sexual, political, performative, and formal issues that these texts represent, and consider Shakespeare's development as a playwright. Broader contexts for desired course outcomes are situated within the department's goals for the English major and the university's learning outcomes.

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In addition, see further below learning outcomes specific to this course and level. Plays :. Missing or late discussion-starter entries will be counted against your semester grade see below.

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Term Essay on play or plays excluding topic of prior Critical Essay , double-spaced 12 pt, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, MLA format , approximately pages for main body of essay , with significant reference to at least two secondary works of criticism selected from folders on Bblearn, that include recent articles or book chapters : this critical essay develops ideas prompted by our study, discussion, and viewing of the plays, by recent scholarship, and by your perspectives.

I shall attend to the ways that you select, define, and engage questions and contradictions, and to the clarity, imagination, and grace that you demonstrate in presenting your topic, hypo thesis, and argument, and the extent to which your work engages with, explains, and contributes to the larger "conversation" of scholarship on the topic and drama under analysis. I do not always expect essays to conclude by "solving" such problems or by "proving" your thesis; I hope that you address interesting topics questions for debate, interpretation, and analysis in thoughtful and useful ways.

Please feel invited to confer with me during the writing process. See also general advice for critical essays similar to prior advice on the Critical Essay that pertains as well to this term essay. Participation: Please take advantage of opportunities to share your insights and to listen and reply to others' ideas.

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I hope that questions and discussions will enable you to move the class in directions you find most helpful, give you opportunities to develop critical skills through collaboration, and provide for a productive, interesting exchange of perspectives among the class. I may form small groups primarily for sharing Discussion-Starters as noted above.

All required work is due at the beginning of class on the due date—work turned in late will be graded accordingly. Work submitted more than a week late will not be accepted. I will grant short extensions for medical and family emergencies—but talk with me as soon as possible to request an extension.

Always keep copies of your work. Attendance: If you have no absences by the semester's end excused or not , you will receive three bonus points. All absences will be counted—excused or not—if something extraordinary occurs, talk to me. These required assignments add up to a maximum of points.

Thus points equals an A, equals a B, equals a C, equals a D, and anything below merits an F. I shall reserve a potential five bonus points based on my perceptions of the strength of your participation and efforts over the semester; incomplete or missing discussion-starter entries will be counted against your semester grade, with the loss of five points for each missing or incomplete entry, to a maximum loss of 45 points.

Office hours. I encourage you to confer with me—especially before assignments are due—to talk about your interests, intentions, and writing strategies.