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McCarthy's accusations based on hearsay continue, and the show reports on the hearing of Annie Lee Moss, where they reveal how insubstantial the evidence against these people is. McCarthy begins to receive unfavourable remarks from the press and his polls drop. Murrow invites him onto the show. The Senator agrees but decides to pre-film and prepare his rebuttal to be sent in.

He again accuses Murrow of being a communist without addressing many of the problems he is invited on the show to talk about. Murrow rebuts, defending his character and eloquently criticizing McCarthy. With the Senator now in the spotlight, the Senate moves to vote him off as chairman of the committee. The famous clash between Edward R. Murrow and Senator McCarthy represents the distinction between justice and unwarranted persecution, demonstrating the need to maintain integrity in such turbulent times.

It also highlights the power of the individual, proving that a singular entity can impact an entire nation. After the Allied defeat of the Nazis in , Soviet communists in Russia, lead by Stalin, dominated Eastern Europe and developed nuclear weapons of their own. A contest between two powerhouses, Russia and America, ensued, causing the word 'communism' to become the boogeyman beneath the average American's bed.

Good Night captures an era where fear of the 'Red Terror' allowed personal civil liberties to be overlooked and innuendo to destroy a person's career.

“Good Night And Good Luck:” An Allegory For Fear

The movie preaches ideas of personal liberty, with a true 'stick-it-to-the-man' message, the 'man' obviously being Senator McCarthy. Clooney's use of archival footage of the Senator further demonises McCarthy, adding an element of reality that drives home the movie's message. The true underlying concern, however - a fact that Edward R. Murrow points out himself - is the disquieting reality that McCarthy is not inventive, merely manipulative, and it is the general population that has allowed this situation of hysteria to occur.

It highlights political fear-mongering tactics used by powerful people to transform minor inklings of fear into full-blown frenzies in order to gain something, be it power or control or anything. Filmed in when the Geroge W. Browse Essays. Show More. Joseph McCarthy, who was in the Senate, used his governmental power to force the military man out of the military, for example.

He would use little to no evidence and search people down who he believed to be interacting in Communist acts.

People believed him and his accusations because of his governmental power and his thought intelligence. Another important theme was the power of the media.

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The means of communication has the resources and the views to be able to influence an entire nation. The viewers give the news respect, and believe in what they see or hear on the news or news type programs. The television, radio, and newspapers have the trust of the population to give them accurate date and facts, not what the government wants to supply or release only.

This means that even if the reality is not what the public would want to hear at first, it is what they need to hear and what they need to be informed about. The media has the power to reach an entire nation, and quickly. This is how Murrow was able to broadcast the truth about McCarthy. Another theme throughout the film was the rights of individuals. This was shown in the issue then, and still an issue now, of relationships within the workplace. In the film, CBS policy did not permit a wife and husband to work.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 8. Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: 5. Slumdog Millionaire Oscar Essay examples metropolis. Words: - Pages: However, post-structuralist debate has increasingly criticized the essentialist characteristic of this concept and relates it nowadays to the mechanisms of discourse Barker 9. In the context of this essay authenticity is constructed through this distinct s film form and style, but on a more abstract level it serves as a marker of quality because the movie wants to convey a political message.

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Good Night, and Good Luck

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