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They also believed it was unconstitutional because it violated the right of an accused to due process. What most outraged northerners was the fact that the law required bystanders to assist in catching fugitives.

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After students have read one or more sections of the law, have them discuss the following questions in class or in writing:. The Compromise of admitted California to the Union as a free state, abolished the slave trade in the District of Columbia, and allowed New Mexico and Utah territories were to decide the issue for themselves upon admission to the Union. As part of the compromise, Congress strengthened the Fugitive Slave Act, in effect since , greatly increasing the risks faced by fugitive slaves and free blacks and compelling whites to assist slave catchers or face legal penalties.

The first sections of the law empowered federal commissioners to hear fugitive slave cases, which had formerly been tried in state courts.

The Compromise of 1850

Note: Words or phrases in italics surrounded by brackets have been added to clarify the text. They are not part of the original document. And be it further enacted, That the commissioners … shall grant certificates to such claimants, upon satisfactory proof being made, with authority to take and remove such fugitives from service or labor , under the restrictions herein contained, to the State or Territory from which such persons may have escaped or fled.

the fugitive slave act

And be it further enacted, That when a person held to service or labor in any State or Territory of the United States, has heretofore or shall hereafter escape into another State or Territory of the United States, the person or persons to whom such service or labor may be due [ i. In no trial or hearing under this act shall the testimony of such alleged fugitive be admitted in evidence; and the … [affidavits provided] shall be conclusive of the right of the person or persons in whose favor granted, to remove such fugitive to the State or Territory from which he escaped, and shall prevent all molestation of such person or persons by any process issued by any court, judge, magistrate, or other person whomsoever.

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And be it further enacted, That the marshals, their deputies, and the clerks of the said District and Territorial Courts, shall be paid, for their services … he shall be entitled to a fee of ten dollars [3] in full for his services in each case, upon the delivery of the said certificate to the claimant , his agent or attorney; or a fee of five dollars in cases where the proof shall not [be enough to send the person back into slavery]…. And be it further enacted, That, upon affidavit made by the claimant [i.

And to this end, the officer aforesaid is hereby authorized and required to employ so many persons as he may deem necessary to overcome such force, and to retain them in his service so long as circumstances may require.

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They failed to even get a possibility to struggle for their equality in The united states. Some slaves determined to rebel by operating absent and some slaves tried to outsmart their oppressors by understanding as significantly as they could about them. African-Individuals who ran away created things a ton more challenging for other slaves as effectively as on their own. At that time People in america realized land more than the slaves, and the slaves were being illiterate, with no education and learning so most slaves finished up receiving caught.

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  • Some slaves managed to make it to a cost-free point out but by that time the Fugitive Slave Act of had been handed. This act compelled slaves to be returned to their owners if located, so that manufactured all federal officers accountable for maintaining the act in place.

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    It is warning fugitive slaves of someone trying to force them back into slavery. This political cartoon, published around , is an example of how the Northern Freesoilers felt about the Fugitive Slave Act. This image shows the fury and fighting the Fugitive Slave Act caused.

    This was obviously not the best solution to relieve the tension between the North and the South. All in all, the Compromise of satisfied neither side. Both sides felt betrayed by the other and by the government.

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    • The nation was still divided and tensions between the North and South continued to grow. In reality, the Compromise of only kept the peace for 10 years before the fighting could no longer be stopped. The Compromise of actually increased national division with things like the Fugitive Slave Act and the imbalance of power. All the Compromise did was postpone the Civil War, which is another advantage for the North.