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Wales is the best of the home nations. Exact figures vary a bit, depending on how recycling is measured and reported. The truth is we all need to get into the habit of using less stuff in the first place. And the things we do use ought to be reused as much as possible before being recycled, to minimise waste.

Alongside reducing and reusing, recycling is essential for the future of our planet. Here are our top 9 reasons why The world's natural resources are finite, and some are in very short supply. That in turn lessens the harmful disruption and damage being done to the natural world: fewer forests cut down, rivers diverted, wild animals harmed or displaced, and less pollution of water, soil and air. Recycling also keeps waste out of the environment.

As you'll know if you watched David Attenborough's Blue Planet II, a lot of plastic ends up in the oceans, where it causes all kinds of havoc. As with point 2 above — the world's increasing demand for new stuff has led to more of the poorest and most vulnerable people for example living around forests or river systems being displaced from their homes, or otherwise exploited.

Forest communities can find themselves evicted as a result of the search for cheap timber. Rivers can be damned, or polluted by manufacturing waste, which harms local people. Far better to recycle existing products than to damage someone else's community or land in the search for new raw materials. And of course if our plastic waste isn't safely put in the recycling, it can be been blown or washed into rivers and seas and end up hundreds or thousands of miles away, polluting coastlines and waterways, becoming a problem for everyone.

Making products from recycled materials requires less energy than making them from new raw materials. Sometimes it's a huge difference in energy — for example:. Because recycling means you need to use less energy on sourcing and processing new raw materials, it produces lower carbon emissions. It also keeps potentially methane-releasing waste out of landfill sites. Reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere is vital for stopping disastrous climate change.

Dumping our rubbish in landfill tips is hugely wasteful.

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Imagine all the potentially useful reusable stuff that's been buried over the decades. It's a waste of good waste. Recycling is also very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment.

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Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill areas. The pollution caused by waste is reduced by recycling. Deforestation has caused habitat destruction and global warming. Likewise, huge amounts of energy are used when making products from raw materials. Less energy is required when recycling and so practicing recycling can help to preserve natural resources. Kate Pullen, December Recycled timbers are one of the good choices of recycle material to construct buildings.

It can be reused, reclaimed or recycled. Recycle timber most commonly come from old bridges, buildings and etc Thus, the prices of recycled timbers are lower than the new woods but we are still able to construct a new building with the recycled timbers.

We should recycle because:

Other than that, recycling timber ultimately benefit the environment such as reduce global issues and reduce global warming. For example, it can reduce air pollution by stops the timbers going into landfill and disintegration emitting methane gas into the environment. Besides that, it can solve the problem of 2.

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Once the recycled timber is re-milled and it can form of timber flooring, beams and decking of the buildings. Larry West There is other recycled material to construct buildings such as recycled glass. It can be safely reused due to glass is made from sand and limestone which is natural materials. As a result, recycled glass contained a low rate of chemical interaction. Furthermore, one ton of recycled glass save 42 kwh of energy, 0.

Consequently, recycled glass benefits manufacturers from recycling in several ways; it can reduce consumption and emission of raw materials and save energy. For example, it can be constructing buildings with creating decorative tiles and landscaping material. Arthur Barnhouse In addition, recycled steel is the toughest building material among all of the raw materials. Correspondingly, one ton of recycled steel saves kWh of energy, 1.

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Additionally, Steel can be recycled over and over again without losing its innate strength same as recycled glass. Steel buildings are designed to prevent the weather roughest of natural elements such as disaster-level hurricanes, heavy snow, 3. Similarly, a house frame that made from recycled steel requires no more than the materials come from six scrapped cars.

Lastly, The Steel Recycling Institute has found that steel recycling saves enough energy to electrically power the equivalent of 18 million homes for a year.

In the conclusion, recycling should be more than a waste management strategy. It is also an important strategy for reducing the environmental effects of industrial production.

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Supplying industry with recycled materials, instead of natural resources extracted from forests and mines, is preferable because it saves energy, reduces dangerous air and water pollutants, such as greenhouse gas emissions and because it conserves natural resources. A great amount of energy should use in industrial processes and in transportation should involves burning fossil fuels. Recycling will help the global climate change dangers by reducing the amount of energy used by industry, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Waste prevention and source reduction essentially hold the key to solving our severe waste problems. Using methods such as eco-industrial parks, computer or Nano technology to reduce waste would help eliminate the need for mountainous landfill sites and enormous pollution to clean up costs.

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