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Lecturer, Aeronautics and Astronautics Department Feb. I have supervised final year student projects, which is a prerequisite for their Bachelor of Science degree. Besides that, I was also involved in the curriculum development of Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering Program. In addition, I also had experience of managing administrative tasks in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department. Have taught and used Matlab broadly.

Languages: English: fluent in all areas, Urdu: native speaker. His area of specialization is General Subjects i. His area of specialization is structures and design. He has work experience of 37 years. Baber Saeed has been working as assistant professor at UCP for 4 years. His area of specialization is Manufacturing and Management. He has work experience of 6 years. Research Projects 1. Power Production from Biogas using Municipal solid waste.

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Students: Shoaib Akram, Muhammad Saad, Hamza Razzaq Description: This project focuses on anaerobic digestion method for production of methane using solid waste. It will not only produce an alternative fuel but also produce Bio-fertilizer, free from the herbicides and pesticides.

Increasing calorific value of biogas by separation of CO 2 through membrane technology. The synthesized membranes will assist in the separation of CO2 from natural gas to increase the calorific value of natural gas. Moisture removal from PET polyethylene-teraphthalate in optimum time.

Students: Ali Noor, Hammad Younis Description: Main objective of this project is to investigate and design a suitable moisture removal process which removes moisture from PET in optimum time. Manufacturing industry of Pakistan involving injection molding and extruding processes is facing a big problem of moisture removal from PET. PET is a material that should be nearly free from moisture to avoid processing problems and defects in the finished products.

Designing a model to record and reduce lead time by eliminating process delay in manufacturing industry. Students: Umair Riaz, Adeel Ahmad Butt, Waleed Mir Description: Objective of this project is to develop a model to increase the efficiency in layout, material handling and maintenance to eliminate delays in processes and reduce the manufacturing lead time in process industry. Implementation of maturity models to enhance quality of Project. Description: Research intended to investigate utility of Project, Program and portfolio maturity model in project management improvement and relationship between effective project management processes and Project quality.

Ahmad Mahmood has been working as professor at UCP for 6 years.

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His area of specialization is Finite Element Analysis. He has work experience of 8 years. Sadaf Zeeshan has been working at UCP for 5 years current Her area of specialization is Mechanics of machines. She has work experience of 12 years Sapphire Fibres Ltd. Muhammad Kashif obtained his Ph.

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  • Nabeel Ahmed Zubairi Thesis Paper.

He is well versed in various research tools and software related to mechanical engineering. He has published and presented his research work in various international forums. Muhammad Kashif has been working as assistant professor at UCP for 3 years. Research Projects: 1. Soot production capacity of liquid fuels Collaborators: Guillaume Legros, Jean-louis Consalvi, Fengshan Liu Description: The aim of this research project is to develop an understanding about the soot production capacity of liquid fuels using experimental techniques and validate the conclusion using numerical models.

The validated soot model then can be used for CFD simulations of different combustion scenarios to predict the soot production and develop strategies to control or limit the emission for soot. This research will also help decide the future composition of gasoline and renewable fuel blends which will be less susceptible to soot emission in gasoline direct injection engines. The objective of the project is to develop the design of a parabolic trough solar collector based power plant using local resources.

The design of collector and receiver along with sun tracking can be developed using local industrial resource as the material and skills required are not very advanced. The parabolic solar trough collector can also help improve efficiency of installed power plants by preheating water or air. Improving efficiency of solar photovoltaic Collaborators: Dr. The overall efficiency of an existing panel can be sufficiently increased utilizing cheap mechanical techniques to reduce the losses and concentrating the incident solar radiations.

Different methodologies are being investigated e.

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Also installation of cheap solar collector around the PV cells will increase the efficiency by increasing the intensity of incident solar radiations. During his stay abroad, he got the opportunity to work at renowned research institutes in Robotics and Control. He is also involved in several projects of Robotics and Control.

This can be caused by various reasons, most common being spinal cord injuries and diseases like Poliomyelitis commonly known as Polio or infantile paralysis. Most of these patients end up with the lower-body below waist paralysis and are confined to wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.

Our goal is to restore mobility in these patients by designing an exoskeleton device.


An exoskeleton is a robotic-skeleton that externally attaches to a human body to provide support and strength. The structure is equipped with sensors and motors to predict human intention and provide support to the limb accordingly. In this project, we focus on a cost-effective solution to restoring mobility by providing extra power to the limbs using electrical motors. We employ low-cost materials for the structure and off-the-shelf sensor modules and electronics. The resulting exoskeleton device shall enable the paralyzed people to walk again.

The device contains 11 degrees of freedom for both legs at ankle, knee and hip joints.

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The links are made with aluminum rods with adjustable leg lengths and hip size. We also developed a mathematical model of the device in Matlab. Several publications are in progress on the design and modeling aspects. Currently, the work is in progress for its instrumentation and actuation. Development of a 4-legged cat-sized robot Status: Completed We have developed a working prototype of a 4-legged compliant robot with 2DoFs per leg.

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The robot is capable of making walking gait. It contains 8 servo motors and is controlled using Arduino. His area of specialization is Materials and Manufacturing. His area of specialization is Mechanical Engineering Design. He has work experience of 4 years. His area of specialization is Thermo-Fluids. His area of specialization is Energy Innovation. He has work experience of 3 years.

http://cloudboyfriend.com/what-is-the-best-phone-tracker-application-galaxy-m20.php Marium Shahid has been working as lecturer at UCP for 2 months. Her area of specialization is Mechanical Design. His area of specialization is Manufacturing Engineering and Management.

Zuberi Dr. Faiz ul Hassan Students: Faseeh Ahsan and Abdul Haseeb Description: This project deals with designing and fabrication of pneumatic plug gauge which involves the measure of flow rate and check the Go and No. Go of the given dimensions. The reason of selecting this project is to provide the effective solution of the quality control inspection to avoid defect outflow to customers.

Asim, Naseem Abbass Description: Main objective of this project is to measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE to utilize as one of the tool to address the unforeseen production schedules and ensure the hundred percent supply ability to satisfy customer needs. Hurair Tariq has been working as lecturer at UCP for 3 years. His area of specialization is design and control engineering.