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In many D. Many D. The last stage of the D. Some programs additionally require a sub-specialization in a cognate area within music, such as music history or performance practice, which contributes to their area of specialization.

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For example, a student doing a D. Some institutions permit D.

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For example, a student completing a D. While teaching experience is not an official part of most D. To be admitted to a D. Admission to doctoral programs in conducting often require a video recording of live rehearsals and performances as a pre-screening element. Composition programs usually require the submission of a portfolio of compositions, including scores and recordings of live performances.

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Programs in music education generally require two or more years of public school or similar teaching experience, and may further require an example of scholarly writing. Newly admitted D. Often, the knowledge of a second language — one of languages of major influence in music history such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, or Russian — is required to complete the degree.

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The graduate admissions branch of many US universities require applicants to complete the Graduate Record Examination GRE , a standardized test of abstract thinking skills in the areas of math, vocabulary, and analytical writing. While the outcome of the GRE test may affect an applicant's eligibility for some university-wide scholarships, it does not always affect admission to the music program of the university. After World War II, there had been a sharp rise in music education at the university level.

As was the case with many occupations, the music world was experiencing an unprecedented number of discharged musicians from the U. Armed Forces. The G.

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Bill was an impetus for many opting for college, causing a spike in demand for college professors, across all disciplines, and a spike in enrollment. In music education, universities had an opportunity to employ formidable musicians, but many, including those of international rank, lacked a terminal academic degree that would put them on equal footing with professors. Post World War II also a period of rise the quality of comprehensive music education at universities. The Nation's renowned conservatories, such as Juilliard and Curtis , at the time, saw no need for the degree — yet many alumni of those institutions, and many top musicians with no degree were the very people being sought by universities offering degrees in music and music education.

In , after six years of deliberation, the National Association of Schools of Music NASM approved thirty-two schools for graduate degrees for graduate work "in one or more of the fields into which graduate music study has been divided. In , music schools had already established standards for undergraduate degrees.

The Director of the University of Rochester Eastman School of Music , Howard Hanson — , who had been awarded an honorary doctorate in , was one of several high-profile advocates of creating a performance oriented doctors degree. The alumni of Music conservatories in the United States also seek positions at universities.

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May May Chiang. This dissertation analyses the controversial issues surrounding the rise of the online music space at the turn of the millennium.

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The world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses. Theses tend to be unpublished Doctoral submissions whereas dissertations tend to be.

As a category of scholarship, theses and dissertations, major. The student must submit a separate copy of the document in final draft form to. An international database of citations to more than completed and in-progress dissertations in musicology, music theory, and ethnomusicology, and. Our holdings consist mainly of UK and North American. Theses and dissertations are considered unpublished documents, and have a slightly different form of citation than.

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  4. The first, by Brian Walsh, uses. Here are examples of topics that students can use for their research. Fall - present. Studies by an. In this dissertation, I discuss the musical output of Patti Smith, and the complexity behind her image and her ensuing success. Theses and Dissertations. Top 10 music thesis topics. Our collection of Texas Tech's theses and dissertations is divided into electronic theses and dissertations ETDs and print theses and dissertations.

    Bibliography of chamber music and double concerti literature for oboe and clarinet. Dissertations of african music.