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Beer's Law Definition and Equation

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  3. Beer- Lambert Spectroscopic Absorbance Principle.
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  5. Beer-Lambert law.
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Breakdown of the Lambert-Beer Law

Related Content Related Overviews absorption coefficient absorbance. All rights reserved. Sign in to annotate. Understanding the relation between absorption and transmittance data requires the use of the Beer-Lambert Law, which is a specific formula that provides a percentage value for light transmittance.

As light passes through a sample, a certain level of absorption takes place and the radiation that passes through the sample can be measured as radiant power P 0. The amount of radiation absorbed can be measured in several ways using spectrophotometric technology 2 as shown below:.

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  2. Deviations from Beer- Lambert Spectroscopic Absorbance Principle;
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This data can then be used to differentiate the properties of a specific compound. Applications in food science, clinical medicine, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries all utilize this color technology formula to classify specific compounds, quantify data for repeatability, identify changes, and measure compound purity for safety and consistency.

Color technology and spectrophotometry have seen many advancements since the early s.

These options include in-line production measurement tools, as well as portable or benchtop models. The ability to rapidly and repeatedly evaluate materials for quality, consistency, and safety makes spectrophotometers an ideal choice among color technology instrumentation. The durable and efficient design allow for numerous applications in production and laboratory settings, as well as in the field.

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HunterLab is a leading name in spectrophotometry and has over 60 years of experience in the field of color technology. Our instrumentation has been developed to meet the specific needs of each unique application and our spectrophotometers offer highly versatile and tailored uses.

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Time limit is exhausted. Color technology has become an important tool in scientific research and many industrial applications.