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Be confident in her experience and good intentions. She is the closest person, and only a mother really takes care about her child. Talk to your mother about everything : school, movies, friends, classes.

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She can give wise advices as well as our company. Here one may not only read papers, but also find samples, and tips. However, we remind one more time that we do your essay quickly. Be a hard worker. If you are a student and study at school or college, it is significant to do the best. This is how one can show his love and respond. It is not about the dream of your mother. It is about your general desire. So, you and your mom are happy. Order best essay for you on the best colleges in America.

Perform housework. Do not wait until your mother will ask you to throw the garbage or wipe the dust. While you are living at the same house, it is a common thing to help your mother. Wash your plate after the dinner, tidy up at least your own room if not a living room. There is a good tip while cleaning: switch on the music. Thus, it will be very easy and comfortable to do cleaning up. Be a good-mannered person.

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Do not quarrel and do not speak dirty. If you are proud of your mother, make her to be proud of you. It does not mean that somebody must aspire to perfection. Preserve your personality, but be always polite. Since your mother is a very close person, she can be very sensitive. Do not offend her. It is so easy to say a rude word. Think about her feelings. Be thankful. This fact is very funny. It seems that this word is a usual one. Do not avoid saying it to your mom. She does everything possible to make your life easier.

She works, saves money, cooks, and guards you. Do not you think that it is enough reason for giving thanks? It is not a shame. It is a big joy to say these words.

Always speak to your mom. If you have a conflict with her, try to stay calm and open. This is a time to solve the problem.

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Chances are the child needs your help and by being supportive, you are more likely to foster hope and a love of learning than by being strict and upset. Yes No. Not Helpful 15 Helpful I have a young teen who is always breaking the rules. What should I do? Be there for her and be a great listener. It is through listening to the things she doesn't say as much as what she does say that you will gain a deeper understanding of why she feels that she needs to break rules.

It may also help to let her learn from some of her mistakes, as she will soon come to regret it. But be sure to there for her; the more you make it clear she can rely on you, perhaps the less that rule breaking will occur, especially if it's a cry for attention.

Not Helpful 13 Helpful My children are already grown up and I have regrets about how I treated them as children. How do I accurate judge what I did in the past? Start by sitting them down and having a discussion. Apologize for your mistakes and the mistreatment. Ask for their forgiveness and if there is any way you can make things up to them.

Offer your time to them, so that you can get to know them and their families; this will let them know that you still care about them. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Take a deep breath and walk away if possible. Have other people around to take over so you don't overtax yourself. Make sure you are caring for yourself too by eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercise, and spending "me time" with yourself.

If you show disproportionate anger, write down the date and time, and why you think it happened. Tracking your anger helps you find patterns so you know how to prevent it in the future. Not Helpful 19 Helpful I can't spend a lot of time with my kids because of my work. Do you think they will not love me, because I am always away?

Your kids will always love you whether you're away or not.

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Explain to them why you have to be away and how it helps the family. If you want to spend more time with your kids, then take a sick day about once a month and spend time with them.

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If your job won't allow that, then tell your kids that you don't have enough time because of work, and tell them how much you love them. Make the most of weekends.

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Not Helpful 18 Helpful Try to be approachable. Tell them they can always talk to you about anything, and never snap at them or try to quiet them when they do try to talk even if it doesn't seem important. Be supportive in everything they do. Sympathize with their problems and offer advice. Be a mother, but also try to be a friend. Keep in mind that kids still need their privacy, they will never tell you everything.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 8. Your child's behavior could be a cry for attention. Talk to her and see if something is wrong.

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Reassure her that you love her and she is special to you. Sometimes children also need a little freedom to make decisions in their lives which will prepare them for bigger decisions later in life. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Communication is key. Be sure to sit down at a quiet place where you can tell her exactly how you feel, and how much it hurts you to not be able to be closer to her and how much you love her.

Not Helpful 10 Helpful My daughter is jealous of her 2 year old brother because he gets more attention and I buy more things for him. You should stop treating your children differently.

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Don't buy your son a bunch of things if you aren't going to do the same for your daughter. Even if you know the toys are cheaper for your son, that won't change the way your daughter perceives the situation. If she feels like you're spending more time with her brother, then try setting aside some time for just the two of you to do something fun together.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful I have two daughters, aged 11 and Recently they have been fussing a lot and my 11 year old is highly irritable. What can I do to make her get over being hateful? The preteen and teen years are full of challenges. Talk to other parents and read parenting books to try to figure out the root of the problem.