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Anthropology is cited as anthropology Anthropology is a field that studies the definition of change, change and identity of the human community, reflecting dynamic reconceptualization of the meaning of modernism. As discipline, anthropology requires the interconnection of human groups, advanced extraction of vocabularies and tools used to express these connections, and self-reflective sensitivity of its history. Likewise, modernism attracts itself to the community as a movement of avant-garde ideas and art forms, requires an important vocabulary of its own, and reminds of the history of events that contributed to the movement.

Applied anthropology is simply a practice of applying anthropology theories and methods in all fields of anthropology to solve human problems. For example, applied anthropology is often used when trying to identify the ancestor of the excavated Native American tomb.

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Biological anthropology can be used to test the DNA of the body and to see if the filled DNA resembles a living group. Medical anthropology creates a custom-made health management solution to study disease and health care in specific populations and to identify areas of unique susceptibility within the population. Question Question Childe makes civilization the same as urbanization. Other social scientists distinguish between cultural phenomena in urban areas and cultural phenomena in society "civilized" while recognizing considerable overlap.

According to his system, Childe identified 10 official standards, which showed the arrival of urban civilization. It is not a settlement place, rather than a settlement scale, expansion of the village scale, concentration of wealth, large scale public works, writing, representative art, precise scientific knowledge, foreign trade, inactivity of dedicated experts, classified society, It is a political organization based on.

Applied anthropology: Applied medicine Includes fields such as anthropology, urban anthropology, anthropology economics, contract archeology.

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In this article I will introduce a series of related research on European anthropological demographics. Anthropology demography is a demographic professional who uses anthropological theories and methods to better understand population phenomena in current and past populations. Its origin and ongoing growth are the intersection of demography and social and cultural anthropology, and their efforts to understand the demographic process, mainly birthrate, migration and mortality.

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Both areas have a common research topic, population focused on complementary aspects. The emergence of anthropological demographics is gradual and its definition as a major in demographic science is still developing. Although the history of demography and anthropology shows some examples of scholars who looked to neighborhood academic disciplines, the birth of anthropological demographics was limited only to the last 20 years of the 20th century I can not go back. Since the 's, theoretical and empirical papers using anthropological demographics were published in major demographic and anthropological journals, and the composition of specific interdisciplinary working groups and international committees was drawn from demographic Strengthened demographics demographics in the world.

Visibility The mission plan of the IUSSP Anthropology Demographics Committee from to included interdisciplinary research to promote demography and anthropology. Women played an indispensable role in the history of anthropology, but anthropology and gender or feminist anthropology appeared until the early s. While the role of gender and gender was always an important part of any ethnographic research, contributors to this theory began to focus on the male-centered nature of anthropology itself.

A big gap in information on women's research is regarded as prejudice for men and prejudice becomes more prominent as small-scale field-centered research is not appropriately addressed in academia.

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In sociology and anthropology, gender and sexual behavior are quite different from everyday understanding. In other words, distinguish between gender and sex. Gender refers to the biological or physical characteristics that distinguishes between "male" and "female. The presence of our bodies, external sex organs and chromosomes determines whether we are considered "male" or "female". Extensive empirical evidence from the social sciences suggests that the biological definition of gender is not only rigid but also the result of cultural, historical and legal systems in different times and places.

The interactive map below shows a culture that does not fit into two simple gender models.

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It is the prejudice of men that there is a big gap in information on women's research, and prejudice is seen as more prominent Due to the rapid spread of research related to feminist anthropology, especially biological anthropology and gender relations mutual criticism, the kinship study began to gain mainstream recognition in the late s. At this point, the arrival of "Third World Feminism" believes that studies of relatives can not examine the gender relationship of developing countries alone, and respect the race and the nuance of the economy. For example, in Jamaica's anthropological study, this criticism has taken on relevance.

Race and class were regarded as the main barriers to Jamaica 's liberation from economic imperialism, and gender as an identity was largely ignored. Third world feminism aims to counter this situation at the beginning of the 21st century by advertising these categories as coexisting factors. In addition, Jamaican women often artificially thin the color of the skin to ensure economic survival.

Mormons believe that their church is a refurbishment of the church because Jesus and other Christian churches go far and are wrong. After the murder of Joseph Smith, it was developed by Brigham Young. He drifted to Salt Lake City with a new Mormon in They believe that God has flesh, is married and can have children.

This view is in stark contrast to the attitude of the Mormon Church , pp. In her article "Christianity in Anthropology" she considers hypotheses in anthropology. The Mormon church showed ways to interpret the same doctrine in different ways. And dualism is not necessarily what Christianity must produce.

In addition to believing in literal complete resurrection, Mormons believe that heaven is like the earth, but perfection. In particular, they believe that people will keep children and their families forever, and they believe that questions like "Do you have chocolate in heaven? Questioning that most other Christian sects are frivolous or inappropriate Mormons frequently complain that people need to talk to Mormons if they want to know about Mormons.

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When Christians tried to define Mormon through the work of their prophets, teaching manuals, and other Mormon resources, Mormon replied that the opposite source is not official. This video tells us what frustration can happen when trying to formalize Mormon doctrine. Who really wrote Mormon's books? I handed over the Book of Mormon to the Mormons. Joseph Smith announced in his name. Throughout his life, Rigdon and his family have always denied any relationship with Spaulding, and after discovering the manuscript by Spaulding in the story was filled.

As an anthropologist of cultural anthropology, I participated in my observation and did my best. Choosing my theme is the most difficult for me. There are many choices for coming to America, I can choose to study. So, what should I do? In Lexington, Kentucky, I decided to study sports events that Americans call basketball. As soon as I entered a big metal bird, I saw a wild cat holding a round orange ball.

I also studied the concepts of the people Karol Votila found in his work "Love and Responsibility" and the resume of Evangelium being sought. And it confirmed human unparalleled value. Agricultural Anthropology This research program contrasts and contrasts the differences and analogies between agricultural development of Palestine and the Andes in the Jericho Valley. We can compare several aspects in these areas. First and perhaps most obvious is the difference in the environment in these areas and the ecological changes in each area themselves have been experienced.

What is closely related to these environments are the native species, how these native species are raised, which crop species are brought into the area, and against the native species It is the influence of those. The essence of cultural anthropological culture: use and countermeasures of wealth such as agriculture, hunting, gathering, fishery, livestock breeding, industrialization and so on.

Jamaica has a history of agriculture, hunting, collection and fishery dating back to the colonial era. This is a British colonial state for providing them with some agricultural products they can sell in the world market. The most noteworthy things are sugar cane, coffee, banana, yam, yam, citrus fruits, vegetables, fish etc. In the field of cultural anthropology, culture is everywhere, our lives are in our lives It is the concept of affecting every aspect. Many cultural anthropologists come to believe that the idea of our past and present societies, from the social and cultural structure of them, to the religion and language, as well as the.

This chapter provides background information on the research topic.

The study background are presented in this order: The first section covers a general overview of anthropology of sports.